Brothers John D. and Christian C. Schöettler

Picture of John D. Schöettler (our great-grandfather) and his brother Christian C. Schöettler . My father, Willard E. Schuttler, looked very much like John D. Schöettler, but without the beard.  John D. (Schöettler) Shetler married Catharine Kinsinger in 1869 in Wellman, IA. Their children were Jacob (1870), Daniel (1871),John J. Jr. (1873), Aaron (1874), Caroline (1876), Edward (1879), Selina (1880), Katie (1881), Lewis (1883), Cora (1885), Dora (1886), Magdalene (1888) and Marie (1890). 
Pictured right – front row left to right: Kate (Gingerich), Maggie (Nichola), Salena (Bender), Marie (Van Dorn), Dora (Skinner), Cora (Star) and John J. Shetler Jr. (our Grandfather). Back row left to right: Jacob, Edward, Daniel, Aaron (who was blind) and Louis*. There was one brother and one sister deceased when this was taken. (*Louis was an engineer who invented and developed the first electric driven ice cream maker.)  It would be nice to someday have information on all of these relatives families.










Shortly after the Website was started, we located some offspring of Christian Schoettler (Shetler), John D. Sr. brother.  There is a page for Christian Schöettler and family on this site.